No Prospects, No Money and No Idea

I left with no prospects, no money and no idea of what to do next. Okay, so that may sound a little 'Jane Austin-ish' but I can assure you, that's how it was when I left my full time job. I decided to leave without any guarantee of work anywhere else, and no clue of… Continue reading No Prospects, No Money and No Idea


Talking To Myself….

I'm a writer, but first and foremost, I am a Creative! I write books, poetry, music, and paint. Because I LOVE celebrating other creatives, I wanted to pay it forward and include you AMAZING Indi artists in my book! Things are looking a little challenging in the world right now, but that's not a cue… Continue reading Talking To Myself….


Changing Things Up

WIFE - "Do you notice anything different about me?" HUSBAND - "What?" WIFE - "I changed something, what is it?" HUSBAND - "Ummm, did you change your clothes?" WIFE - "No! What's different?" HUSBAND - "......." WIFE - "I changed my hair colour!" HUSBAND - "It's still blonde..." WIFE - "It's a darker SHADE of… Continue reading Changing Things Up


I am a Super Spy

"I am a Super Spy!" Have you ever wanted to say that to somebody? You know, without having to kill them afterwards for National Security reasons.... I am ferociously working on new Hannah Carmichael Chronicles Instalments because THINGS ARE GETTING CRAZY! If you tuned in to the last one, you will know that Hannah and… Continue reading I am a Super Spy


Where For Art Thou Business Card

Business card, business card; where for art thou business card. A while ago I sent away for my first ever business cards - and they were AMAZING. I felt super professional and it was a great step forward in my writing career. Now if I pass you on the street, I can hand you a card and you know that I'm legit!