Your Words MATTER

I was at a local shop today, and I came across an important concept from a place of deep humiliation and hurt. Yes, I am going to share a very vulnerable story with you all so sit back and prepare for my, sadly, uncommon turn of events. I feel like after this whole pandemic situation,… Continue reading Your Words MATTER


Wasting Time on Social Media

More and more, our lives are online. Especially right now with being in lockdown and trying to stop the spread of something which is dangerous to everyone. During this time, i've found myself going down rabbit holes, getting hooked into a cycle and a loop of Social Media blackouts. When I come too, it's been… Continue reading Wasting Time on Social Media



The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles has gone into some really cool 'Spy' stuff over the last year or so! One of which, was a 'briefing' document I made... *cough Cough* I mean, FOUND which needed to be heavily redacted! To check out the Redacted 'Top Secret' document, see the link below: As far as the… Continue reading TOP SECRET – The REAL Stuff!


Where For Art Thou Business Card

Business card, business card; where for art thou business card. A while ago I sent away for my first ever business cards - and they were AMAZING. I felt super professional and it was a great step forward in my writing career. Now if I pass you on the street, I can hand you a card and you know that I'm legit!


Outdoor Observations – By ‘Francis Lawrence’

No, I haven't changed my name. No, I haven't stolen someone else's 'Outdoor Observations' writing piece. What I have done, is absolutely steal the title from the 60s TV show 'Gidget' with Sally Fields (Francis Lawrence was Gidget's real name). I don't know if 'Outdoor Observations' is still something kids learn in school (as I… Continue reading Outdoor Observations – By ‘Francis Lawrence’