Gallagher Girl Series Review | Ally Carter

Another week, another series review! This time, it's one that I stumbled across without any knowledge, and fell in love with after book one! The Gallagher Girls - teenage spies in training... Yes, I know how that sounds - and looks when you type it out - but there's something about this series that even… Continue reading Gallagher Girl Series Review | Ally Carter


The Bourne Identity | Book Vs Movie

Did I really hate one of the most famous spy stories of all time? Well, you'll know the answer if you watch the video, but let me just give you an idea.... Yes - but for GOOD reasons (I hope) Check out the video below: >>>Get a copy of my ebook KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here… Continue reading The Bourne Identity | Book Vs Movie


KIM POSSIBLE | Where’d They End Up?

Did you ever what would have happened to characters we knew and loved as kids (and let's face it, mostly from Disney cartoons)? Where'd they end up anyways? Well, I'm taking that guess work out for you and telling you EXACTLY where they ended up, and what their lives look like now. At least, how… Continue reading KIM POSSIBLE | Where’d They End Up?


I Work Here… No Really!

With all the concern about losing jobs (thanks a bunch covid... not), and my current situation of being on stand down until schools go back (school photography woes... *cries a little*) I was considering jobs. Not just jobs, the ones that you don't actually have. I know, insightful right? Not really. My spy weekly series… Continue reading I Work Here… No Really!


Secrets Exposed!

"I swear, I don't still sleep with a teddy bear at 23!" Hmmmm, I'm not sure if that's something I'd admit on live television with the entire world watching. Unfortunately, for Hannah Carmichael (super spy), that could be a reality. No, not the teddy bear admission, but the existence of the super secret and corrupt… Continue reading Secrets Exposed!