Screaming And Running

There’s an instinct that isn’t talked about enough… Oh wait, it’s talked about too much. That’s right!

Yes I know, I know. If it’s talked about too much, then why am I about to enthral you with another post that talks about it?
Well I’m glad you asked!

I recently had a super spy instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles series come out (the final one in SEASON ONE actually) that brought up the idea from my conscious to my conscious mind.


Phoebe Run GIF - Phoebe Run Running - Discover & Share GIFs ...

I ALWAYS look at a situation and see what I would have done differently. Scream at the girl on the TV to RUN!!! When she’s facing a serial killer, or conversation with her Mother about why she hasn’t got a boyfriend.

Realistically, it’s all well and good to talk about what you’d do – but until you actually get there, it’s impossible to say.

I’d like to think I’d be a ‘fight’ instead of flight when someone else’s life hangs in the balance (particularly someone I love). But it’s impossible for me to know without being in that situation.

Friends-rachel-sister-fighting GIF | Gfycat

On the whole, I tend to be of the ‘flight’ variety. What are you? Do you already know, or would you only be speculating also?

If you want to check out the Hannah Carmichael episode and see what her fight or flight response was, head to the link below:


See You in The Adventures!


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