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KIDNAPPED Entanglement (The Entanglement Series)
by Christy Grace

Jaz Lewis watches as a woman is being kidnapped, and decides that she can’t stand by any longer. As she goes to help, she gets pulled into the kidnapping of heiress Megan Campbell, and taken along. As they adjust to the new surroundings, the two women quickly realise that things aren’t as simple as paying a ransom. The kidnappers want something more – something the women don’t have. Now, the only chance at survival, is to escape.
When Aaron Campbell finds out that his wife has been taken, he searches to find answers. When the kidnappers give him 48 hours to hand over what they want, his only choice is to enlist the help of Detective Tony Lewis – Jaz’s father. As the men rush to find and return what the kidnappers want, they must weigh up the cost to turning it over, versus the lives of their family.
Can they get their hands on what the kidnappers want? Can the women escape before the clock runs out?
10% of all sales go to A21 not for profit – fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery!
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