kidnapped entanglement mug

“She reached for something, anything she could find, to get out alive. Her heart slammed into her chest every second and she held her breath as footsteps slammed towards her, climbing each step. This was it, the moment she knew it was over…..”

Hey there!
I’m Christy Grace

I often find the real world is more interesting when I try to find out the secrets of strangers around me. Who in the gym is really a spy undercover? Who in the middle of that restaurant has something to hide? We can decide!

Anything from spies, to killers, kidnappings and danger, or adventure and excitement – I am all in!  After a while of taking a break from writing, I am throwing myself fully into the characters I am creating, and sharing with YOU!

See you in the Adventures!Christy Grace Scarlet Pen (2) copy

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