KIM POSSIBLE | Where’d They End Up?

Did you ever what would have happened to characters we knew and loved as kids (and let’s face it, mostly from Disney cartoons)? Where’d they end up anyways?

Well, I’m taking that guess work out for you and telling you EXACTLY where they ended up, and what their lives look like now. At least, how I always saw things working out.

For the debut post, I’m digging into “Kim Possible” to see what happened to Kim and Ron!


kim possible grown up

Okay, in case you never saw it, or need a quick refresher, here’s the rundown of Kim Possible in just 5 words:


You can always check out the Disney cartoon if you wanted to know more, but here’s the rundown of how I saw things turn out (said as if you already know everything there is to know about the tv show):

  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable got married. They 100% ended up getting married and had two kids (a boy and a girl).
  • The Kim Possible website was expanded into a very successful privately owned company – Possible Incorporated. They use high-tech gadgets designed by Wade, and her now fully grown brothers. That tech helps them to continue saving the world!
    It may also be worth mentioning that all the characters had better offers for places to work, but they all chose Possible Incorporated instead.
  • Wade still handles all the mission details at their amazing headquarters, which hovers above the ocean close to Go City.

  • Ron is now running the Smarty Mart empire, and looks after their kids in his spare time. He’s a solid, and present working Dad.
  • Kim does her missions with amazing team members, including Monique, and Ron’s younger adopted sister Hannah (who uses her mystical abilities to help them all stay one step ahead).
  • The classic villains we all know (and love to hate) are no longer a factor for Team Possible. After years of chasing them, these villains are either dead, or in a highly secure prison (of Wade’s own design), where they can’t escape.

  • Kim faces all new threats, and continues to try and make the world a better place.
  • Kim uses the new and improved battle suit on most missions. She realised the benefits of a self healing suit, and all her employees have their own suits – all custom designed to suit their individual personalities.

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Well, that’s where I saw these guys end up. How did you think it would be 20+ years after the finale of them graduation high school? Comment below.

See You in The Adventures!

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