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I’m doing something special! I have a very blessed life, with a good family, home and food on the table. Not everyone is as blessed as I am. As an author, I’ve decided to partner with the anti-human trafficking organisation - A21. Together, we're going to fight against this huge injustice. My book KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT… Continue reading Partnering with A21 | KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT


Book Themes: Why, and What’s Mine?

Have you ever noticed that books tend to have themes?  Everything we watch, read and consider has a theme. I'm not necessarily talking 'Mother Goose' but when you boil it down, you can usually see some common themes. Themes like Love Conquers All, Courage, Justice (that's a biggie), X and countless others. They're all there… Continue reading Book Themes: Why, and What’s Mine?


Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist

I LOVE LISTS So, when it came to publishing my book, I liked the idea of having a checklist that I could mark off and KNOW, that I hadn't forgotten anything. I ended up with a publisher who's assisting me to self publish, so they've got that list covered, HOWEVER.... Those people who are going… Continue reading Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist


Deadlines: Motivation or Crippling Fear?

It's five minutes until you have to hand in that report for work, that assignment for class, or that manuscript that you've been working on for six years... And it's not ready!! Okay, I hope that ISN'T you! Some people are great at the last minute submission, but when it's come to my book, I… Continue reading Deadlines: Motivation or Crippling Fear?


Meet My Characters (PART ONE)

I wanted to introduce YOU to the major players in my first book - Kidnapped Entanglement. The latest podcast episode which was released, gives you information about Jaz, Megan, S, W and J. Who are they? What part do they have in the story? You'll have to check out the podcast episode >>> here I… Continue reading Meet My Characters (PART ONE)