My Top 10 Christmas TV Episodes!

It's Christmas time again (I CAN'T believe it!), so it's time to dust off the old Christmas movies and tv episodes.  So, which ones made my list - and which didn't quite make it? Here's the video, and below that is some quick info about each show if you hadn't heard of it before:… Continue reading My Top 10 Christmas TV Episodes!


We Were On A Break! | Classic Debates

"We were on a break!!" is probably one of the most infamous running gags that F.R.I.E.N.D.S ever did - so let's decide if they were, or not... If you've seen Friends, you don't really need a rundown but here it is anyway: Six friends who live in NYC navigate their twenties together. Love interests and… Continue reading We Were On A Break! | Classic Debates

cgsp newsletter self publish checklist

Self Publishing Checklist | CGSP Writing

"I want to publish my masterpiece, but I have no idea where to start!" Okay, calm down because I've got you covered with the Ultimate Self Publishing checklist! I recently announced a checklist that I created for anyone interested in self publishing their amazing book. I love connecting with other creatives, and giving someone else… Continue reading Self Publishing Checklist | CGSP Writing


Screaming And Running

There's an instinct that isn't talked about enough... Oh wait, it's talked about too much. That's right! Yes I know, I know. If it's talked about too much, then why am I about to enthral you with another post that talks about it? Well I'm glad you asked! I recently had a super spy instalment… Continue reading Screaming And Running