List of Favourite Fantasy Books

Fantasy is becoming more and more popular, and I am not exempt from the craze! I LOVE a well written fantasy story, but I do have caveats... There are some fantasy stories that I just don't read, and probably won't. If a story has too much magic, or almost any serious witchcraft I will NOT… Continue reading List of Favourite Fantasy Books

comic person spy july

Am I Really A Comic Book Person? | I SPY, IN JULY

Superpowers, heroes, and villains... Does liking all those in movies and TV shows automatically mean you'll enjoy comic books? I launch into my experience - from the first comic I ever bought, to my fascination with all things super. >>Check all about my book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here Are you a superhero/comic book… Continue reading Am I Really A Comic Book Person? | I SPY, IN JULY


Superpowers Anyone?

"To infinity, and beyond!" "Holy guacamole, Batman!" "I am Iron Man." Superheroes are IN right now. Whether you're a Marvel movie fan, a DC TV show fan, or comic book fanatic - they are in style. They got a revamp, and I am in the category of 'Fan'! I love superhero movies, tv shows, and anything in… Continue reading Superpowers Anyone?