The BEST Batman | Classic Debates

For a long time, Batman was actually my fav DC hero (or anti-hero if you like), but he was swiftly pushed to the outer fringes when Superman really came on the scene for me. Then there was Wonder Woman, and he was pushed again... but that doesn't mean he is not still a beloved hero… Continue reading The BEST Batman | Classic Debates


The BEST Superman | Classic Debates

Whenever there is a new adaptation of a fan favourite, the comparisons come out... and Superman has had A LOT of adaptations, new imaginings and explorations! So then, the debate has become which of the lot is the BEST... I have my list, and I know that some of you Superman fans out there will… Continue reading The BEST Superman | Classic Debates


Captain America: Winter Soldier | MARVEL Book Vs Movie

Okay, so I might be late on the bandwagon, but why did nobody tell me that Marvel did a series of books based on the movies!? I recently decided to read the Captain America: Winter Solider book as part of a "basic theme" reading challenge (the theme being a season of the year). And what… Continue reading Captain America: Winter Soldier | MARVEL Book Vs Movie


Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?

Superman has been a classic favourite for many film and tv show creators. So we've seen many a Man of Steel come and go - so who's the BEST one?  Well, I'll let you decide who YOU think is best, but here's a list of some that I really enjoyed - in no particular order… Continue reading Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?