Superpowers Anyone?

"To infinity, and beyond!" "Holy guacamole, Batman!" "I am Iron Man." Superheroes are IN right now. Whether you're a Marvel movie fan, a DC TV show fan, or comic book fanatic - they are in style. They got a revamp, and I am in the category of 'Fan'! I love superhero movies, tv shows, and anything in… Continue reading Superpowers Anyone?



He stood straighter, “It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should, therefore, be treated with great caution.” She noted his stern expression, then locked eyes with the artifact. “So how do we stop The Eraser? Using the artifact?” He frowned, “I wish he had a better supervillain name. I feel like we’re fighting a… Continue reading The Eraser (FURIOUS FICTION)


SuperMan or SuperDork

"It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's SUPERDORK!!" Most people associate glasses with dorks. Four eyes, nerds, blindness.. whatever else. When Zeke Anderson (Hannah Carmichael Chronicles - link below) decided to go undercover, his first instinct was to die his hair and pop on the glasses. Hey, it worked for Clark Kent/Superman, right?? I always… Continue reading SuperMan or SuperDork

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First Woman Spy/Writer: Aphra Behn

I was doing research on spies, women and general bad-assery and came across an interesting story. It was something I didn't expect, but was SUPER excited to find out was true. One of the first woman spies, also turned out to be a writer... Whaaaat?? In the 1600's, women were still in the 'lesser than'… Continue reading First Woman Spy/Writer: Aphra Behn