Reading a PHYSICAL Newspaper for a Week | Day 1

Okay, so I decided to run an experiment. With the digital age of news, the actual physical copies of newspapers have become less popular. I don't actually read news most of the time (at all) because it tends to mostly focus on the horrible things in life, and not much of the beauty we can… Continue reading Reading a PHYSICAL Newspaper for a Week | Day 1


Christmas In October… No, Seriously

Merry Christmas! I know, It's October, but in our house, it's the start of the Christmas decorating... It sounds silly when you say that out loud, but I have a reason! Yes, my family actually starts putting up Christmas decos in October. “That’s crazy!” I hear you saying, but wait for the reasons. I think… Continue reading Christmas In October… No, Seriously


‘Come Little Flower’ by Christy Grace

A flower in the midst of a radioactive field A mystery, with life surrounded by death Unexplained, but with vibrant detail It sways in the breeze, as the wind brushes over Around there is barren land Around there is destruction and poison Toxic, a favourite word of those side by side With no real view… Continue reading ‘Come Little Flower’ by Christy Grace


Tram ads are bullying you into killing your loved ones

Okay, so maybe you aren't ACTUALLY killing your loved ones (and if you are, I would advise you to head directly to the police station and turn yourself in). I saw something the other day while driving in Melbourne that shocked me so much my mouth actually dropped open and I yelled out that I… Continue reading Tram ads are bullying you into killing your loved ones


Bookstore chain or independently owned?

Which is better, a bookstore chain with loads of options and a cookie cutter design, or an independently owned store with higher prices (presumably) and less options? I checked out a smaller store, and a larger corporate one to see what I thought the answer was: Which do you prefer? Something locally owned that… Continue reading Bookstore chain or independently owned?