I Organised my bookcase in RAINBOW Order!

I decided to reorganise my bookcase to be (semi) rainbow order - and realised that I LOVE shuffling things around The final case isn't how it looks now, and it will just keep on changing, but I am pretty happy with the way it's organised for now! Thanks - See You in The Adventures… Continue reading I Organised my bookcase in RAINBOW Order!


Am I A Murderer?

Are those two weapons on my thumbnail? Yes, but they AREN'T real so don't panic just yet. I'm a writer, so it's okay right?? I'm going through my amazing research box and doing a little show and tell Check out the video below: >>>Get a copy of my ebook KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here I hope… Continue reading Am I A Murderer?


What’s Next? | CGSP Podcast FINAL

It's hard to say goodbye, but here we are! I'm chatting about the end of the first book journey, and what's next for me now. Head to the link below to hear all the goss:  WHAT'S NEXT?   Thanks for going on this journey with me - you can still listen to ALL the episodes… Continue reading What’s Next? | CGSP Podcast FINAL