List of Favourite Fantasy Books

Fantasy is becoming more and more popular, and I am not exempt from the craze! I LOVE a well written fantasy story, but I do have caveats… There are some fantasy stories that I just don’t read, and probably won’t.

If a story has too much magic, or almost any serious witchcraft I will NOT pick that book up. I try to be careful with what I put into my mind, and this is something I don’t mess around with. So for the most part, if there is a magic system, it is pretty tame and not really wizard-ess… BUT, there are plenty of fantasy stories that don’t have too much creepy or too much smutty, and those are the books I’m about to share with you now in my FAV Fantasy books!

The Hadley Academy For The Improbably Gifted (Conor Grennan)

This is kind of like a Professor X Academy story, and is SO MUCH FUN! I loved this book, and desperately want it to have more, because let’s be real – a world where anyone could have powers at any time and use them to make the world a better place…. everyone wants to believe in that. High stakes, fun characters and twists that shake your view on what’s real, and what isn’t.

AD 30 (Ted Dekker)

A woman in A.D. 30 is a princess in the middle of the Arabian desert, but when her family betrays her and she is cast out, she has one chance to survive. Meanwhile, she hears about a teacher not too far away who is claiming some incredible things that might just help her to reclaim her throne, and win the day – with some romance along the way. This story is part Arabian princess/adventure, and part discovering Jesus while he was walking on the earth from an outsiders perspective… yeah, it was mind blowing and incredible.

Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir)

Waking up in the middle of… well nowhere… with no memory of how you got in this spaceship with two corpses beside you. Yup, that’s pretty much most of this book. Figuring out why the heck our main character is there, and what he’s supposed to do. It was equal parts hilarious and life threatening… the flashbacks help explain, and quite honestly my fav character is just all about that music babe! (If you know, you know)

Steelheart (Brandon Sanderson)

What would happen if only the BAD guys had super powers? This. This would happen. A world where the ones that were mysteriously given power beyond what you could imagine basically rule with terror and fear. The only potential way to get out from under them, are the Reckoners – humans without superpowers that are willing to try and take out the power! So good, like a superhero film but without any chance of winning… or is there?

Legend (Marie Lu)

Dystopian world where an outlaw threatens the rule of current power, a mysterious plague stretches through the lands, and a teenager is basically in charge of fixing it all. Yup, that’s pretty much it. This one has it all, revenge and love, power and rebellion & corruption and comeuppance. The ultimate Young Adult fantasy… if you ask me.

That’s just a few, but let’s be honest there are SO MANY MORE! Pop your fav Fantasy book in the comments and we can compare notes…

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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