Why Do Fantasy Books Have TWO Different Storylines?

I've been on a fantasy reading kick lately, and have thrown myself into tackling some very long and complex books. This means that I have also discovered a trend that I didn't notice until now... Something I have picked up over the past few years of reading, is that fantasy - particularly high fantasy or… Continue reading Why Do Fantasy Books Have TWO Different Storylines?


List of Favourite Fantasy Books

Fantasy is becoming more and more popular, and I am not exempt from the craze! I LOVE a well written fantasy story, but I do have caveats... There are some fantasy stories that I just don't read, and probably won't. If a story has too much magic, or almost any serious witchcraft I will NOT… Continue reading List of Favourite Fantasy Books


Fantasy Book Recommendations

Sometimes we all need to just escape from the world we live in, to see just how bad pretend people, in a fantasy world really have it. There are so many amazing fantasy books out there, but here are five that I've read, and would recommend you add to your pile also!       The… Continue reading Fantasy Book Recommendations


Book Review – A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

I thought it was about time I did a book review on my blog, and Boy!!! It's a doozy!  I've known about Ted Dekker since I was in school. When we were in 'high school' (or 'secondary school' here in Aus) my friends LOVED his book House with Frank E. Peretti. Me, on the other… Continue reading Book Review – A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker


Walking On Water.. Towards Coffee (Book Review)

Did you miss the latest CGSP Facebook/Instagram Live session of coffee? This time, I did a review of book 2 in a three book series by Ted Dekker. A 13-year-old orphan has no memory beyond 6 months ago. When she is taken by a man who claims her mother (whom she thought was dead) is… Continue reading Walking On Water.. Towards Coffee (Book Review)