Was It Worth Writing A Prequel? Especially When it Failed

Alright guys, it's writer talk time! There are different ways to get buzz for your book and writing, and one of the most interesting that I found when I was researching marketing my book KIDNAPPED Entanglement (you can get your copy HERE for just $10... sorry, shameless plug over) was to write a limited edition… Continue reading Was It Worth Writing A Prequel? Especially When it Failed

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Shouting Ground – A Dramatic Reading | I SPY, IN JULY

It's an all out Shouting Ground!!! What does that mean? Do you want to know more about my book without committing to buy/read it? You can now! I've done a 'dramatic reading' of the whole first chapter just for you... https://youtu.be/rtgqkGsoDPo >>Check all about my book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here Was Shouting Ground (or Chapter… Continue reading Shouting Ground – A Dramatic Reading | I SPY, IN JULY

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The KIDNAPPED Entanglement EOFY Sale!

Everyone else gets an EOFY Sale... So why can't I?  I'm so happy to not only be launching my debut novel KIDNAPPED Entanglement eBook, but also to be starting it with my EOFY sale! All the stores get a sale at the end of the financial year, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon too: I… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED Entanglement EOFY Sale!

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Kidnapped Entanglement | Book Trailer

Screams echoed in the street....  Jaz Lewis watches as a woman is being kidnapped, and decides that she can’t stand by any longer. As she goes to help, she gets pulled into the kidnapping of heiress Megan Campbell, and taken along. Now, the only chance at survival, is to escape. When Aaron Campbell finds out… Continue reading Kidnapped Entanglement | Book Trailer


Secret Behind The Scenes | CGSP FB Live

Looking like a kidnapper (or worse) in the middle of the forest, and a pandemic... Yeah, that seems sensible! I couldn't help it though, because I'm on a deadline! So I'm sharing the behind the scenes with you! My latest Facebook Live took place when I was out doing 'secret' and special filming for my… Continue reading Secret Behind The Scenes | CGSP FB Live