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Kindle Worth It & Twitter Recommendations!

I recently did a call out for Twitter recommendations. I love new books, and I got a solid list to look through, and combined the list with testing out Amazon Kindle!  Check out the video of what books made the list below: >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER Have you… Continue reading Kindle Worth It & Twitter Recommendations!

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The KIDNAPPED Entanglement EOFY Sale!

Everyone else gets an EOFY Sale... So why can't I?  I'm so happy to not only be launching my debut novel KIDNAPPED Entanglement eBook, but also to be starting it with my EOFY sale! All the stores get a sale at the end of the financial year, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon too: I… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED Entanglement EOFY Sale!


Tear My Hair Out!!!!

This past week, i've had the joy of tearing out my hair with frustration. I'm sure you can relate somehow - but EVERYTHING went wrong with something in particular. I had a short turn around writing deadline this week for another project (more on that another day), so I was already under the pump with… Continue reading Tear My Hair Out!!!!

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The Spies are Here!

The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (Part One) is now an official eBook!   You can grab your copy, the first 30 can be free if you join the CGSP Readers List, but for the rest (Updated and Re-designed) is available now, so make sure to check it out and enjoy a spy adventure!


Who is Hannah Carmichael?

Hannah Carmichael (Super spy working with the CGT agency) Daughter of Evelyn and James Carmichael (Criminal & Believed to be Dead, Respectively) Wife of Zeke Anderson (Secretly Working for the Government) Best friend of Stephanie Winchester (Fellow CGT Agent) If you've been following my adventures for a while now, you know who Hannah Carmichael is… Continue reading Who is Hannah Carmichael?