my house spy july

Welcome To My House | I SPY, IN JULY

Where does all the magic happen? And by magic, I mean the staring endlessly at screens and pages of words that eventually end up a jumble... Any who, this I SPY, IN JULY video is taking you on a tour of my new house! I hope you enjoy all the random superhero memorabilia, and quirks… Continue reading Welcome To My House | I SPY, IN JULY

i spy in july

Introducing… I SPY, IN JULY!

I Spy, (In July) Something starting with A.... Hey guys! I'm so excited to be introducing something very special that I am naming "I SPY, IN JULY" Check out the video to find out all about it:   >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER Are you as excited as I… Continue reading Introducing… I SPY, IN JULY!

mre food video

Food For 24hrs | CGSP Video

What do people in post apocalyptic worlds eat? An MRE perhaps....?   I bought an MRE to try for research. What would it be like to eat food that has super long shelf lives, and is designed for soldiers and disaster relief survivors?? You’ll find out! Check out the video below: >>Get all the… Continue reading Food For 24hrs | CGSP Video

kidnapped entanglement launch christy grace

My First Book Launch | KIDNAPPED Entanglement

My first book was NOTHING like I thought. It wasn’t the story I planned to release first, it wasn’t the quick and easy ride that I had imagined, and the launch event wasn’t what I had planned. As I said in my launch day speech, nothing about this book was easy. But, it was the… Continue reading My First Book Launch | KIDNAPPED Entanglement

christy grace kidnapped entanglement book trailer

Kidnapped Entanglement | Book Trailer

Screams echoed in the street....  Jaz Lewis watches as a woman is being kidnapped, and decides that she can’t stand by any longer. As she goes to help, she gets pulled into the kidnapping of heiress Megan Campbell, and taken along. Now, the only chance at survival, is to escape. When Aaron Campbell finds out… Continue reading Kidnapped Entanglement | Book Trailer