Apple Vs Android | Classic Debate

If you ask people this question, it can sometimes elicit some very serious reactions. People on the side of Android will swear black and blue that the operating systems, hardware and tech in general are better on all fronts. Apple people will have pretty much all the products, have them all able to link together… Continue reading Apple Vs Android | Classic Debate

mac vs pc

Mac Vs PC (Classic Debates)

It's a debate that has been happening since the dawn of time.... Okay maybe not THAT long. But Mac vs PC is one that will continue on until either has either crashed and burned, or taken the other out - sniper style! I'll start this post with a clear statement - I am a Mac… Continue reading Mac Vs PC (Classic Debates)


Blessings Guilt

I have a difficult time accepting a compliment. I have a difficult time accepting a gift. I have a difficult time knowing that I have enough money to support myself - and beyond that - while also being aware that others have no home, no job, no food, and no little to no belongings. When… Continue reading Blessings Guilt