Coke Vs Pepsi | Classic Debate

It's time for another 'classic' debate that will stand the test of time (or at least, until one of these companies go broke). Coke v Pepsi! Okay, people seem to have very, very strong opinions on this one. And personally, I just DON'T understand why. For me Coca-Cola, Pepsi, homebrand 'soda' is all the same..… Continue reading Coke Vs Pepsi | Classic Debate


Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?

Superman has been a classic favourite for many film and tv show creators. So we've seen many a Man of Steel come and go - so who's the BEST one?  Well, I'll let you decide who YOU think is best, but here's a list of some that I really enjoyed - in no particular order… Continue reading Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?


The Worst Date, or the Best?

You're sitting on a romantic moonlit lake, in a small canoe with the cute guy across from you, so what does he say? Girls are a waste of time and romantic songs are all written by stupid drunks... uh, okay...? Wait, hold the phone... is that really a date? Can it really be romantic when… Continue reading The Worst Date, or the Best?

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Top 10 Sidekicks Of All Time!

Who are the BEST sidekicks out there?  Well, there are so many that I don't think we could do them ALL justice. BUT, I did manage to put 10 of my favourite sidekicks into this list for you to agree, or disagree with. Without further adieu (and in no particular order - honestly), here they… Continue reading Top 10 Sidekicks Of All Time!

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Top 10 Best Crime and Mystery Books | Goodreads List

There are so many amazing books out there. So, where do you start, and how do you find the good from the bad in the sea of confusion?  According to the Goodreads List (October 2020), these were the best books in the Crime and Mystery Book section:   1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo… Continue reading Top 10 Best Crime and Mystery Books | Goodreads List