My Top 10 Christmas TV Episodes!

It’s Christmas time again (I CAN’T believe it!), so it’s time to dust off the old Christmas movies and tv episodes. 

So, which ones made my list – and which didn’t quite make it? Here’s the video, and below that is some quick info about each show if you hadn’t heard of it before:


  • The Vicar of Dibley – a female Vicar surprises a small village and is a large, loving life lady who finds out just how crazy her village really is.

  • I Love Lucy/The Lucy Show – Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance play best friends in both of these shows. With funny slap stick disguises and disasters, Lucy is always dragging Viv along on another adventure.

  • Home Improvement – a tool obsessed father balances his local cable home improvement show, and his family life with often hilarious overlaps.

  • Friends – 7 friends in their twenties navigate living in New York City in the 90s. Almost too close, they are always involved in each others lives, and there’s never a dull moment.

  • The Big Bang Theory – four smart scientists join forces with a pretty waitress across the hall. While they try to fit in, she tries to stand out as an actress.

  • The Nanny – a Jewish cosmetics saleswoman ends up falling into being the nanny for a rich widowers three kids. There’s romance, growing up, and lots of sparkly outfits along the way.

  • Smallville – we get a look into Clark Kent before he becomes Superman, while he grows up in Smallville. With a young Lex Luthor also around, Clark has to try and become who he’s destined to be, but also have a teenage life.

  •  Psych – a hyper observant slacker drags his best friend into a business to be Psychic Detectives – even though he has no psychic abilities whatsoever. Falling into the job instead of going to prison, they fool the entire police department and help them solve crimes with over the top dramatics and silliness.

  • Remington Steele – with the world not ready to hire a female detective yet, Laura invents a pretend male superior that she can use as a front man. When a real con man shows up and publicly takes on the mantle, they have to work together as they move forward with their new partnership.

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine – following a group of police officers in the Brooklyn 99 precinct, we get short, witty episodes of what crime solving would be like if it had some amazing comedic talent as the ones who solve crimes and keep the streets safe.

 My honourable mentions were

  • Melissa and Joey – a former stock broker gets caught up in a scandal and resorts to becoming a nanny for his former boss’ two kids just to make ends meet.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – a kid from West Philadelphia is sent to live with his rich uncle and aunt in Bel Air. There he tries to keep his nose clean, check out the girls, and do the best he can with plenty of laughs and raps to go around.

I KNOW I missed some, so what ones didn’t I get that you love? Share them and Merry Christmas!

Christy Grace

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