My Top 10 Christmas TV Episodes!

It's Christmas time again (I CAN'T believe it!), so it's time to dust off the old Christmas movies and tv episodes.  So, which ones made my list - and which didn't quite make it? Here's the video, and below that is some quick info about each show if you hadn't heard of it before:… Continue reading My Top 10 Christmas TV Episodes!

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Top 10 Sidekicks Of All Time!

Who are the BEST sidekicks out there?  Well, there are so many that I don't think we could do them ALL justice. BUT, I did manage to put 10 of my favourite sidekicks into this list for you to agree, or disagree with. Without further adieu (and in no particular order - honestly), here they… Continue reading Top 10 Sidekicks Of All Time!

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Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY

What is a stimey, dormie and niblik? Are they real golf terms, or just something that Ricky and Fred made up? I Love Lucy is a classic, and one of my favourite episodes was "the Golf Game" where Ricky and Fred try to teach their wives such a difficult game, that they'd never want to… Continue reading Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY

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Black and white tv set, with only a few channels, and no way to record a show if you missed it... yup, that's what I miss! Is that old school?   Okay, so maybe some of those things are a little inconvenient when you think about it, but I LOVE the early era of television… Continue reading My “OLD SCHOOL” Taste | I SPY, IN JULY


Vintage Interests

What does it say about someone who'd rather watch I Love Lucy to Game of Thrones?  What about listening to Vinyl instead of MP3?  I don't care WHAT that says, because the reality is - I LOVE watching I Love Lucy, or popping in one of my 200+ vinyl collections, watching a VHS tape or… Continue reading Vintage Interests