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Top 10 Sidekicks Of All Time!

Who are the BEST sidekicks out there?  Well, there are so many that I don't think we could do them ALL justice. BUT, I did manage to put 10 of my favourite sidekicks into this list for you to agree, or disagree with. Without further adieu (and in no particular order - honestly), here they… Continue reading Top 10 Sidekicks Of All Time!

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Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY

What is a stimey, dormie and niblik? Are they real golf terms, or just something that Ricky and Fred made up? I Love Lucy is a classic, and one of my favourite episodes was "the Golf Game" where Ricky and Fred try to teach their wives such a difficult game, that they'd never want to… Continue reading Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY

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Black and white tv set, with only a few channels, and no way to record a show if you missed it... yup, that's what I miss! Is that old school?   Okay, so maybe some of those things are a little inconvenient when you think about it, but I LOVE the early era of television… Continue reading My “OLD SCHOOL” Taste | I SPY, IN JULY


Vintage Interests

What does it say about someone who'd rather watch I Love Lucy to Game of Thrones?  What about listening to Vinyl instead of MP3?  I don't care WHAT that says, because the reality is - I LOVE watching I Love Lucy, or popping in one of my 200+ vinyl collections, watching a VHS tape or… Continue reading Vintage Interests