Old Tv Shows You HAVE To Watch

It might just be me, but the TV shows we get today are just not as good as what we used to get. Some of the classic shows that I know and love, and rarely known about by people my age and particularly younger than me. Anyone under the age of 30 has either never heard of them, or only know about them because of some pop culture passing mention… and I think that’s a travesty!

So, to remedy this I decided to recommend a few of the BEST older TV shows that are definitely worth the watch:

I Love Lucy (and The Lucy Show)

A married couple that have wacky adventures with their landlords and best friends.
I Love Lucy was revolutionary at the time – the first sitcom tv show to use multiple cameras to film, the stars Lucy and Desi owning the film and being able to start a production company, and comedy in a way that people hadn’t seen before.
Lucy was the wacky, slapstick queen of getting into ridiculous situations and roping her best friend Ethel into getting out of it. She wasn’t afraid to dress up in silly costumes, be an idiot on camera and stand up for herself and what she wanted out of life – including getting into her husbands showbiz life.
Meanwhile, Ricky Ricardo was a band leader and singer who just wanted a little peace in his life.. and also struggled to remember all the American idioms. With their friends the Mertz’s always being dragged along for the ride, it is something fun and entertaining to lose yourself in. A marriage where the people love each other so deeply, that even the craziest scheme can’t break!

The Lucy Show came after, and was just Lucy and Vivian as single mums and still having the same cooky adventures. It was actually split into two parts, with the first half of the show including Viv, and the second focussing more on Lucy and the grouchy Mr Mooney. Gone are the kids, and in come the celebrity clients of the bank that Lucy can interact with and embarrass on a whole new scale! Plus, it was in colour!

Gilligan’s Island

“All the rest…” apparently was the hill to die on for theme song enthusiasts and the cast of Gilligan’s Island. There were seven cast aways on the small uninhabited island where the crew and passengers of the cruise ship end up being stranded. And boy, the adventures they get to have while trying to get rescued!
Again you have the loveable goof, but this time Gilligan just doesn’t know how to make things right. He tries to help, but he is just a little short of all the marbles and this means that while he tries very hard, he often comes up short and accidentally sabotages the potential rescues again and again.
Often described as a safe babysitter, it’s pretty much fun for any age and always gives you a laugh.

Remington Steele

The Girl Boss and Pretend face of an investigation firm in the 80s – plus conman Pierce Brosnan…. yes please
Laura is a fantastic investigator, but because she’s a girl people don’t take her seriously. When she invents a pretend man as head of her company and a con man takes advantage – they’re stuck together!
He genuinely seems interested in playing detective, and it makes Laura’s life more difficult, if not more interesting. The banter, the mysteries and the fashion choices are excellent while not being too violent or graphic!

I Dream of Jeannie

Naive blonde Jeannie just wants somebody to love… and Major Anthony Nelson, the astronaught is the one she’s picked. Even though he sets her free on the first day they meet, and doesn’t want anything from her except to be rescued on the deserted island he’s on – she decides to stick around.
Another bit of a goofball, after being locked in her bottle for two thousand years, she doesn’t quite understand how the world works now (or at least in the 60s) and it leads to hilarious adventures. It also doesn’t help poor Tony that he can’t afford anyone to find out that he owns a Jeannie, and he does everything he can not to annoy her so she plays a trick on him, while also not encouraging her so she marries him (something that may not be sustainable).

Get Smart

A spy that is half James Bond, and half Inspector Clouseau Maxwell Smart, agent 86 of Control is pretty much the ultimate. NOTHING like the movie that came out in recent years (it’s way better) Max somehow muddles his way into winning against his encounters with Kaos – the organisation for evil.
With his trusty partner Agent 99 – a beautiful and in love with him agent – they manage to help the Chief against the forces of evil. Trusty shoe phones and lipstick lasers are the norm, with truth, justice and the American way taking a backseat to again… goofy antics that win the day!

Those are only a handful of great shows that pretty much anyone should watch… and it doesn’t even count the shows that hit after the 90s! Maybe my next suggestion post will include that era, but for now Happy Watching!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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