Old Tv Shows You HAVE To Watch

It might just be me, but the TV shows we get today are just not as good as what we used to get. Some of the classic shows that I know and love, and rarely known about by people my age and particularly younger than me. Anyone under the age of 30 has either never… Continue reading Old Tv Shows You HAVE To Watch


Secrets Exposed!

"I swear, I don't still sleep with a teddy bear at 23!" Hmmmm, I'm not sure if that's something I'd admit on live television with the entire world watching. Unfortunately, for Hannah Carmichael (super spy), that could be a reality. No, not the teddy bear admission, but the existence of the super secret and corrupt… Continue reading Secrets Exposed!


My first TV Interview With 1700

My first author interview... sort of. It was great!! Normally 1700 is shot live in studio here in Melbourne, Australia. With all the Covid restrictions, they're doing things iso style - at home! I got an amazing chance to chat with these beautiful people about the CGSP song competition, which was amazing! I was SUPER… Continue reading My first TV Interview With 1700