lockdown tips

Top 10 Lockdown Sanity Tips

More lockdowns across Australia in recent months means more people losing their minds. So what are some 'survival' lockdown tips for your sanity?  Here are the one's that I've collected and found particularly helpful: Do plenty of resting, and enjoy this 'forced time off' with things you didn't have time for. Reading that book you… Continue reading Top 10 Lockdown Sanity Tips

food budget

Food On A Budget

So right now, I'm doing food on a budget. How does that look? And can you even get any good food for as little as $50 a fortnight (or $25 a week!!)?  Lockdowns have caused funds to dwindle (especially mine, where my day job is school photography. Not an essential service apparently). So I'm trying… Continue reading Food On A Budget

birthday spy july

Birthday In Central Park…? | I SPY, IN JULY

Butterflies exploding in my face, non alcoholic jelly shots, and heading out to central park (even in lockdown)... Interesting birthday moments My birthday was great, even in lockdown (again!) - and I'm glad I got to share some of it with you guys!   https://youtu.be/pMXrOmEAdew >>Check all about my first book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here… Continue reading Birthday In Central Park…? | I SPY, IN JULY

most lockdown spy july

Making The Most of Lockdown | I SPY, IN JULY

Well, it's lockdown time again in Victoria 😦 All the sad emoji's in the world couldn't convey how some of us feel...   HOWEVER, even in the angst, I am determined to make the BEST out of a bad situation. How am I making the most out of lockdown you ask? Well, I'm showing you… Continue reading Making The Most of Lockdown | I SPY, IN JULY


My first TV Interview With 1700

My first author interview... sort of. It was great!! Normally 1700 is shot live in studio here in Melbourne, Australia. With all the Covid restrictions, they're doing things iso style - at home! I got an amazing chance to chat with these beautiful people about the CGSP song competition, which was amazing! I was SUPER… Continue reading My first TV Interview With 1700