pavlova debate

The Pavlova – Aussie or Kiwi? (Classic Debates)

So, who invented pavlova anyways? I get to come into this 'classic debate' with both sides in mind. Because I'm actually a Kiwi AND an Aussie! For some reason, THIS is a huge debate when it comes to Aussies and Kiwis - who invented the Pavlova! Okay, first let's delve into some basic (and loosely researched)… Continue reading The Pavlova – Aussie or Kiwi? (Classic Debates)


My first TV Interview With 1700

My first author interview... sort of. It was great!! Normally 1700 is shot live in studio here in Melbourne, Australia. With all the Covid restrictions, they're doing things iso style - at home! I got an amazing chance to chat with these beautiful people about the CGSP song competition, which was amazing! I was SUPER… Continue reading My first TV Interview With 1700


If I Could Do One Thing….

What is a skill that you've always wanted to have? Hannah Carmichael - super spy extraordinaire - woke up with amnesia, but confusing skills. She can shoot a gun, has excellent reflexes and other puzzling skills. Similar to Jason Bourne, it's a little unsettling to know that you got these skills somehow, but don't remember… Continue reading If I Could Do One Thing….