August Reading Wrap Up

I actually got through my August TBR list this month!  Thanks, I'm sure, to the lockdown and my inability to work, I was able to actually get through the 5 videos I had on my list this month. They included Sherlock Holmes and the Needles Eye, Airborne, Local Poet, Our Life in A Day, and… Continue reading August Reading Wrap Up


What’s Up For 2021?

Okay, so 2020 punched everyone in the face, then kicked our ideas out the window. But, now we're here in 2021, and we had a chance to start again. Another year, another set of goals to achieve. Onwards and upwards (and all that inspiration junk). I don't quite know how I expected things to go this… Continue reading What’s Up For 2021?

mac vs pc

Mac Vs PC (Classic Debates)

It's a debate that has been happening since the dawn of time.... Okay maybe not THAT long. But Mac vs PC is one that will continue on until either has either crashed and burned, or taken the other out - sniper style! I'll start this post with a clear statement - I am a Mac… Continue reading Mac Vs PC (Classic Debates)

book el
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Books Of El by Jeff Nesbit (BOOK REPORT)

Okay, we need to chat. I've read some pretty great, and some pretty horrible books in my quest to hear the best stories I can. It's book report time ya'll! So, I decided that I'll share my thoughts on how they hold up with one book a month. This month, I'm looking back at the… Continue reading Books Of El by Jeff Nesbit (BOOK REPORT)


Deadlines We Don’t Meet

Deadlines come and go. Sometimes, we fall short.... but it's actually okay. When we don't get to the finish line first, we lose. When we don't get to the finish line at all, we've failed before we even got in the game. I've decided that it's okay to lose. I set a goal for myself… Continue reading Deadlines We Don’t Meet