Your Words MATTER

I was at a local shop today, and I came across an important concept from a place of deep humiliation and hurt. Yes, I am going to share a very vulnerable story with you all so sit back and prepare for my, sadly, uncommon turn of events. I feel like after this whole pandemic situation,… Continue reading Your Words MATTER


Outdoor Observations – By ‘Francis Lawrence’

No, I haven't changed my name. No, I haven't stolen someone else's 'Outdoor Observations' writing piece. What I have done, is absolutely steal the title from the 60s TV show 'Gidget' with Sally Fields (Francis Lawrence was Gidget's real name). I don't know if 'Outdoor Observations' is still something kids learn in school (as I… Continue reading Outdoor Observations – By ‘Francis Lawrence’


Captains, Merch and Sneaky Giveaways

Hello CGSP readers! Are you missing Hannah Carmichael? Can't wait to find out what happens next in the conspiracy surrounding CGT agency and Cataclysm? Don't worry, because HCC will be back next week! While you are counting the days, and the hours until this is a reality, we've got you covered! We are releasing a… Continue reading Captains, Merch and Sneaky Giveaways


Meet Me – Christy Grace

Hi ya'll I am me, that's all I will ever be. Have you been wanting a peek behind the curtain? Well, here it is! My name is Christy and I am a writer, photographer, singer, songwriter, and inspiration chaser! If that sound bite wasn't enough, then hold on to your hat and keep reading. I… Continue reading Meet Me – Christy Grace


Hot Chocolate, 1am and Creative Philosophy

Hello CGSP Readers! I don't know if it's the Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Marshmallows that I drank at 11.45pm, but I can't sleep and it is now 1.11am! (By the way, the photo below is a REAL LOOK at the sugar and calories that I exposed myself to....) but anyway.... As I lay… Continue reading Hot Chocolate, 1am and Creative Philosophy