My Crazy Fascinations

I'm odd. There's no other way to put it... maybe quirky, weird, unusual, funny, interesting... okay there's a few ways to put it. It also means that I LOVE some sorta crazy stuff.Here's some of the crazy fascinations that grabbed hold of my imagination! Galavant If you haven't heard of this show - shame! Haha,… Continue reading My Crazy Fascinations

vinyl spy july

Swimming In Vinyl | I SPY, IN JULY

I have an obsession... or a collection... however you want to look at it, it's my Vinyl. I've been collecting Vinyl records for a few years now, and I'm taking you through some of the BEST I have, and some of the weirdest.. Plus, how I got started in the first place: >>Check… Continue reading Swimming In Vinyl | I SPY, IN JULY


Creation Quirks | CGSP PODCAST

I'm not just a writer, I dabble in various creative forms (like music, photography and painting). Because I wanted to bring some of myself into my writing, and do something fun with my book, I've created some quirks. Music is a huge part of my life, so I managed to involve it somehow. How, you… Continue reading Creation Quirks | CGSP PODCAST



Coffee today, is where I recap the INCREDIBLE music competition that CGSP ran recently.  The talent was Amazing - and I can't wait to share... The highlight video where I went through them all (with a bit more insight into what that means for the story) is below: If you want a snapshot -… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT Playlist Revealed


Whew! Music Overload..?

Whew! That was an incredible month of listening to amazing Indi artists. Thanks to everyone who entered the CGSP Song Competition. It is now CLOSED and the winners will be announced really soon! >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER I'm looking forward to announcing the official Kidnapped Entanglement Playlist!! To… Continue reading Whew! Music Overload..?