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MONSTERS INC | Where’d They End Up??

Did you ever what would have happened to characters we knew and loved as kids (and let's face it, mostly from Disney cartoons)? Where'd they end up anyways? Well, I'm taking that guess work out for you and telling you EXACTLY where they ended up, and what their lives look like now. At least, how… Continue reading MONSTERS INC | Where’d They End Up??

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Creativity Chaser | I SPY, IN JULY

"Are you just a one trick pony?" I heard you all asking (okay, nobody asked... but I'm answering anyway) - and the answer is no! I love all sorts of creativity outlets, and I'm taking you on the journey of one of them - painting:   >>Check all about my book - KIDNAPPED… Continue reading Creativity Chaser | I SPY, IN JULY


Whew! Music Overload..?

Whew! That was an incredible month of listening to amazing Indi artists. Thanks to everyone who entered the CGSP Song Competition. It is now CLOSED and the winners will be announced really soon! >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER I'm looking forward to announcing the official Kidnapped Entanglement Playlist!! To… Continue reading Whew! Music Overload..?


All The Musical Feels

I love when a song rips you to your core! When it gives you all the feels, and makes you see life, love or anything else in another way. That’s how I want to make my readers feel, and how I want YOU to make ME feel! Check out the video below to hear about… Continue reading All The Musical Feels


Talking To Myself….

I'm a writer, but first and foremost, I am a Creative! I write books, poetry, music, and paint. Because I LOVE celebrating other creatives, I wanted to pay it forward and include you AMAZING Indi artists in my book! Things are looking a little challenging in the world right now, but that's not a cue… Continue reading Talking To Myself….