Frankie Walter Peta | Cafe Review

When I found out there was a cute little cafe near my apartment, and that it included a BOOK BORROW LIBRARY WALL, I was trying it... no matter what! Now, before anyone considers trying to work out where I live (all sixty of you! I see you there...) I am moving soon, and that's why… Continue reading Frankie Walter Peta | Cafe Review



Coffee today, is where I recap the INCREDIBLE music competition that CGSP ran recently.  The talent was Amazing - and I can't wait to share... The highlight video where I went through them all (with a bit more insight into what that means for the story) is below: If you want a snapshot -… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT Playlist Revealed


Walking On Water.. Towards Coffee (Book Review)

Did you miss the latest CGSP Facebook/Instagram Live session of coffee? This time, I did a review of book 2 in a three book series by Ted Dekker. A 13-year-old orphan has no memory beyond 6 months ago. When she is taken by a man who claims her mother (whom she thought was dead) is… Continue reading Walking On Water.. Towards Coffee (Book Review)


CGSP Facebook Live Recap (May2020)

Did you miss the Facebook Live that happened on the CGSP FB site last week? Most people did, but that could be because it was in the middle of a work day. What with me working from home right now, I didn't take that into account. BUT, fear not, because aside from moving the day… Continue reading CGSP Facebook Live Recap (May2020)