Writing During Covid! Podcast Perspectives

What is going on with the world right now? We are loosing control, and loosing freedom in some cases. So, how does that look as a writer during these Covid lockdowns? Well, I will be going over what it’s like as a writer during coronavirus isolation, and share some ways YOU can keep sane during… Continue reading Writing During Covid! Podcast Perspectives


Stage 4 Restrictions Got Me Like…

With the new restrictions in Victoria, it gives me SO MUCH MORE TIME to read! I'm excited to delve into books and adventures (that I didn't have to write) while I have some more time at home.  Yes, harsher restrictions are tough - but this is time we should look at as 'What Can I… Continue reading Stage 4 Restrictions Got Me Like…


Talking To Myself….

I'm a writer, but first and foremost, I am a Creative! I write books, poetry, music, and paint. Because I LOVE celebrating other creatives, I wanted to pay it forward and include you AMAZING Indi artists in my book! Things are looking a little challenging in the world right now, but that's not a cue… Continue reading Talking To Myself….


Iso Birthday… Yay or Nay?

Can Iso Birthday's be just as good as 'pre-covid'? YES THEY CAN!!  I had my Birthday celebrations in lockdown, and it was......   https://youtu.be/ckI_xFygK44   Check out the video to see what my 'covid-19' birthday was like! To KEEP UP with all the stuff I have going on, you can catch my weekly updates, FREE… Continue reading Iso Birthday… Yay or Nay?


It’s My BIRTHDAY – Or Is It Yours?

Possible blog post about how everybody's you're actually starts on a different day because it starts on their birthday I had an epiphany! It's my Birthday today (Happy Birthday to me), and being the over-thinker and decision analyser I am, I had a thought. We start the year on January 1st right? WRONG! We start… Continue reading It’s My BIRTHDAY – Or Is It Yours?