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Top 10 Lockdown Sanity Tips

More lockdowns across Australia in recent months means more people losing their minds. So what are some ‘survival’ lockdown tips for your sanity? 

Here are the one’s that I’ve collected and found particularly helpful:

  • Do plenty of resting, and enjoy this ‘forced time off’ with things you didn’t have time for.
    Reading that book you keep putting off, or maybe moving forward with that craft project you’ve had sitting in the corner for the past six years… I love a good siesta, so having a nap or a relaxing afternoon with no work, is a good thing!
  • Dress up each day …most days).
    Getting dressed in ‘work clothes’ instead of PJ’s or sweats can be helpful to put you in a motivated type of mood. Even though I don’t put as much effort into it as when I’m physically leaving the house for work (and let’s face it, most days not wearing makeup), I still put something semi respectable on.
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  • Start a new project, or home hobby.
    If you’re creative, you’ll know EXACTLY what project or hobby you’ve always wanted to get started. If you’re not automatically creatively inclined, you can still get something going!
    Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to bake, paint, garden a pot plant, or start those diamond pictures. Whatever it is, there are loads of options that you can choose from!

  • Don’t obsess over the news.
    Sometimes we can find out focus in the wrong places. Yes, it’s good to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world, BUT obsessing over daily numbers, tragedy’s, or general negativity that you can find there, is not healthy. Try to catch up weekly, or just skim the headlines on your phone instead.

  • Binge watch your fav show, or a a new one.
    There are a lot of streaming services out there, and there’s also this neat invention called a ‘DVD’ (and yes, I still love those. Don’t believe me? Check out my video where I talk about why I love them so much HERE). So, if you suddenly find yourself with a lot more time than normal, it’s the perfect time to get your favourite show in – or start that one that’s been on your watchlist for far too long.

  • Take a relaxing bath.
    Even if you aren’t doing all the bubbles, fizzers, or various other “girly” type products, a bath is a way to break the routine of slouching around in your PJ’s. Maybe you’re doing it with the face masks and candles, or maybe you’re just relaxing in the hot water. Either way, a bath can be super relaxing.
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  • Try writing a story.
    Even if you aren’t an author or blog writer, sometimes getting a pen and paper (or laptop, typewriter, whatever you like really) and coming up with a story can be really stimulating. You can get out frustrations with your situation, you can fantasise over how you wish things were, or you could just imagine a world far, far away that is NOTHING like our current one.
    Get those creative juices flowing!

  • Stay connected to friends and family with technology.
    There are a lot of ways to stay in touch with the people you love. If you aren’t able to see them in person right now, you can always call, text, or facetime with the people you care about. Catch up with them, share what you’ve done during lockdown, or have a junk food or movie party together!

  • Go outside, instead of online.
    Computers and the internet are great, but going outside, can be really good for you (unless it’s bucketing down with rain). It can break the monotony of being inside, and can bring those endorphins if you’re exercising.

  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook.
    Sometimes a screen isn’t the answer. It’s easy to sit down and watch hours and hours of TV, but a podcast or audiobook can be a great way to pass the time. Listen to a story, or something interesting in a podcast.
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Whatever you find works, STICK WITH IT. Maybe it’s some of the lockdown tips on my list, or maybe it’s something else. Whatever keeps you sane, we’re all just doing the best we can, in a really unusual time.


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If you have any other lockdown tips and tricks, share them in the comments below and let’s support each other.

See You in The Adventures!

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