A New Normal?

Life right now is unlike anything I had ever thought would happen.
I’m only 26, so I wasn’t around for some of the other disasters over the years – like WW2 or the Spanish Flu epidemic. Imagine my surprise, when something like Covid-19 happened during my lifetime.

Jobs are different; spending time together is different; eating at restaurants and cafes is different, and shopping is DIFFERENT!

Panic buying is probably the most unusual part of this experience for me. The idea of freaking out that we’ll all run out of toilet paper is absolutely absurd! It’s made IN AUSTRALIA (for those of us who are here anyway). Supplies aren’t going to vanish – unless we DO panic.

Top 30 Panic Buying GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

Yes, it’s been isolating. Yes, jobs have either been dissolved or changed.

No, we can’t just go out and window shop anymore. No, we can’t go out to a concert, the opera, a movie or other event.

BUT – it won’t last forever.

I think so many have a negative view of this situation because they’re stuck in the idea that it will just go on forever. It won’t.

Life will slowly get back to normal, but SOME THINGS will have changed.

The way we socialise and shop will probably change – social distancing was ALWAYS a good idea in my book.
Take away might be a bit more common – also not a bad thing.
Connecting with family and friends may become more frequent – as we realise that our time together could be limited.


Let’s make the best out of what comes from this pandemic. Let’s continue to grow, continue to encourage each other, and continue to look forward!

How are you dealing with the ‘new normal’ right now? Have you taken to it like a fish to water, or are you struggling? 

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