Iso Birthday… Yay or Nay?

Can Iso Birthday's be just as good as 'pre-covid'? YES THEY CAN!!  I had my Birthday celebrations in lockdown, and it was......   Check out the video to see what my 'covid-19' birthday was like! To KEEP UP with all the stuff I have going on, you can catch my weekly updates, FREE… Continue reading Iso Birthday… Yay or Nay?


It’s Called………..

THIS IS IT! Last podcast episode, I shared what my debut novel is about, and this time with PART TWO, I finally reveal the name that I've been sitting on for two years! The CGSP: First Book Journey podcast episode - Title & Story Release - PART TWO has been uploaded! I can't wait for… Continue reading It’s Called………..


It’s My BIRTHDAY – Or Is It Yours?

Possible blog post about how everybody's you're actually starts on a different day because it starts on their birthday I had an epiphany! It's my Birthday today (Happy Birthday to me), and being the over-thinker and decision analyser I am, I had a thought. We start the year on January 1st right? WRONG! We start… Continue reading It’s My BIRTHDAY – Or Is It Yours?


Birthday Surprise.. (Furious Fiction)

"New shoes?” “That’s what it says.” Emma looked up and frowned. They were in Aimee Park and they were already losing light. “How are we going to find those, when the shops are over an hour away? We only have thirty minutes left.” Stacey shrugged. “Guess we move on to the next item on the… Continue reading Birthday Surprise.. (Furious Fiction)