My Fav Emoji’s

Communication has apparently gone backwards - to the time of hieroglyphics that Everyone just... understands. In this century though, we call them 'Emojis'Emoji's are just part of every day communication if you're texting or sending messages. Especially if you're under 30 - it's how we're expressing things that ONLY seem to make sense in a little… Continue reading My Fav Emoji’s


Don’t Wear a SPIRITUAL Mask

This is a season of masks.  Physical masks have become the mandate from our governments, health professionals, colleagues, friends, and family. The goal is to keep us safe, but how many of us a wearing a mask over our spirit? I was spending time with God, and he gave me a word that I couldn't… Continue reading Don’t Wear a SPIRITUAL Mask


21st Century Message in a Bottle

Is TikTok just for teenagers?I'm not a teenager - let's just start this off with that fact right now... but, i've found myself dragged into the recent phenomenon that is TikTok, where I realised something - it's not just for teenagers!! There are so many people, old, young and in between, who are on TikTok!!… Continue reading 21st Century Message in a Bottle