Winter, Thirteenth, Midnight & More… “Theme” book picks

Sometimes you want your monthly reading goals to be a bit more fun. That's why I did the recent "Storygraph Picks My TBR" - to give the reading some fun. I've decided to do it again, only this time we are going with "basic" themes like Seasons, Times, Days of the week, Names and Numbers.… Continue reading Winter, Thirteenth, Midnight & More… “Theme” book picks


It’s Called………..

THIS IS IT! Last podcast episode, I shared what my debut novel is about, and this time with PART TWO, I finally reveal the name that I've been sitting on for two years! The CGSP: First Book Journey podcast episode - Title & Story Release - PART TWO has been uploaded! I can't wait for… Continue reading It’s Called………..


What’s In a Name?

"What about EthelLu" "EthelLu? No, you need something that rolls off the tongue" "Like what?" "Well, LucyEth" As much as I LOVE Lucy Ricardo and her crazy ideas and schemes, she is one thousand percent WRONG. LucyEth does NOT roll off the tongue. They had an interesting dilemma in this episode though, what was the… Continue reading What’s In a Name?