Fantasy Book Recommendations

Sometimes we all need to just escape from the world we live in, to see just how bad pretend people, in a fantasy world really have it. There are so many amazing fantasy books out there, but here are five that I've read, and would recommend you add to your pile also!       The… Continue reading Fantasy Book Recommendations


Stories DON’T Have To Represent EVERYONE… Controversial Opinion?

We're clamouring more and more for stories that include EVERYONE... When is too far though? Time for a CONTROVERSIAL OPINION!  Everyone wants to feel heard, recognised, and represented - especially in this time of being isolated or in restrictions and lockdowns. But when does it go from a request, to a demand? I've heard time… Continue reading Stories DON’T Have To Represent EVERYONE… Controversial Opinion?


What’s In a Name?

"What about EthelLu" "EthelLu? No, you need something that rolls off the tongue" "Like what?" "Well, LucyEth" As much as I LOVE Lucy Ricardo and her crazy ideas and schemes, she is one thousand percent WRONG. LucyEth does NOT roll off the tongue. They had an interesting dilemma in this episode though, what was the… Continue reading What’s In a Name?


Famous In Love

"It was him! I knew it! As soon as he walked in I could tell. But now what? I can't just go over and say Hello... He'll think i'm weird--" What happens next? Recently I published a short story 'The Last Bookstore' (link at the end of this post) where the idea of the last… Continue reading Famous In Love


Underground Book Dealers

"Do you have the stuff?""Yeah, you got the cash?""Wait! The cops are coming, hide it!" I know, I know... but as cliche as the above conversation may be, it was the kind of intro I was looking for, so I ran with it. Recently, I published a short story 'The Last Bookstore' (link at the… Continue reading Underground Book Dealers