What’s In a Name?

“What about EthelLu”
No, you need something that rolls off the tongue”

“Like what?”
“Well, LucyEth”

As much as I LOVE Lucy Ricardo and her crazy ideas and schemes, she is one thousand percent WRONG. LucyEth does NOT roll off the tongue.
They had an interesting dilemma in this episode though, what was the name of their secret ‘Dress Shop’ going to be called.

It did get me thinking though, what would I call my own dress store? Then I realised that I would never own one, and I changed my focus to a more plausible store – a bookstore!
Recently, I posted a short story called ‘The Last Bookstore’ and while I was writing it, I thought more about that scene, and what I would call a bookstore if I was ever the owner of one.

Naming a store after yourself (Like Lucy and Ethel’s Dress Shop) seemed a little selfish, so my mind then ran into the options. What kind of store is it? Where is it located? Is it JUST a bookstore, or a cafe as well? All those good questions which lead down their own rabbit holes.

Eventually I decided that I didn’t have an answer (I know, all that wondering for nothing!), but that I would LOVE to hear other people’s ideas!
Maybe I could call it Scarlet Pen Bookstore, or CGScarletPen Books but whatever the answer, it doesn’t matter right now – especially because we can’t leave our houses to open one… too soon??

What would you call YOUR bookstore, or store of any kind? I’d love to know – so pop the name into the comments and share it with us!!

If you wanted to check out The Last Bookstore story, head to the link below:

See You in The Adventure

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