Winter, Thirteenth, Midnight & More… “Theme” book picks

Sometimes you want your monthly reading goals to be a bit more fun. That’s why I did the recent “Storygraph Picks My TBR” – to give the reading some fun.

I’ve decided to do it again, only this time we are going with “basic” themes like Seasons, Times, Days of the week, Names and Numbers. So, these are the results that I will be reading this month:

If you skipped past the video explaining it all, I don’t blame you – so here is the list with some basic info on what each book pick is about…

The Man Who Died Twice (Thursday Murder Club) by Richard Osman.

A group of elderly citizens investigate the death of a spy, missing diamonds, and a crime organisations involvement – all while staying out of jail themselves.

*day of the week

The Thirteenth Tribe by Robert Liparrulo.

A mysterious immortal tribe of Israel has been punished since the worshiping of Idols at Mt Sinai by living forever and never going to be with God.

They try to work their way back into God’s good graces (spoiler alert, that’s not how it works) by killing the worst of the world.

A man gets pulled into the world and tries to stop a horrible attack.


This is not the Jess Show by Anna Carey.

A girl growing up in the 90’s sees a mysterious looking phone – a smart phone. She starts to question everything she’s ever known.


Captain America: Winter Soldier by Alex Irvine.

A man who got super strength then froze in ice for 60 years tries to find his friend. Also frozen (in a different way) and brain washed by a Nazi related terrorist group and our hero refuses to believe he is too far gone.


The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

A woman decides she doesn’t want to live her life anymore, then finds a library between death and life where she gets to try and redo some of her biggest regrets.

*time of day

Well, those are the books that I selected for the “basic theme” reading of (hopefully) this month. I am looking forward to finding out how they go!

See You in the Adventures
Christy Grace

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