a long escape cgsp fiction story

A Long Escape | A CGSP Story

What would it be like to escape after several years? Enjoy this CGSP Short Story, and see what happens... She stumbled over another tree root and braced herself for the fall. Miraculously she managed to stabilise herself, and only wobbled on her feet. The walk seemed endless, and her hair kept swiping over her eyes.… Continue reading A Long Escape | A CGSP Story

christmas killing murder cgsp crime writer author story

A Christmas Killing | A CGSP Story

A killer loose at a Christmas gathering. Who did it, and what twist will turn your stomach at the end?  He walked through the small living room and eyed all of his suspects. Someone in that room was a killer. The Christmas celebration had been brought to an abrupt halt, and he’d been called in… Continue reading A Christmas Killing | A CGSP Story


Romantic Gift | CGSP Short Story

Julia swept open the door, and as his face peeked around the corner, she slammed it right back into place. What was he doing here? "Julia? At least open the door so I can talk to your face." She moaned quietly and shook her head. What was Phillip doing here? "I told you that I… Continue reading Romantic Gift | CGSP Short Story


Pigeon Sniper | CGSP Short Story

THIS STORY IS FICTIONAL. ANY SIMILARITIES TO REAL PEOPLE OR EVENTS, IS PURLEY COINCIDENCE.  “He watched the scene below him carefully. From his place high above the fray, the humans looked like ants. Of course, that meant the ants were invisible from this height.  He’d been put through vigorous training to get to this point.… Continue reading Pigeon Sniper | CGSP Short Story


A Winter Train Ride

I gripped the frozen steel bar, my fingers ash white in the below zero temperature.  This train wasn't going to stop. The wind whipped through my fur-lined coat; unable to protect my organs from the harsh winter that I wasn't used to. I watched the countryside pass by - which would have otherwise been beautiful… Continue reading A Winter Train Ride