if i run book report

If I Run by Terri Blackstock (Book Report)

Okay, we need to chat. I've read some pretty great, and some pretty horrible books in my quest to hear the best stories I can. It's book report time ya'll! So, I decided that I'll share my thoughts on how they hold up with one book a month. This month, I'm looking back at If… Continue reading If I Run by Terri Blackstock (Book Report)


Dawson Vs Pacey | Classic Debates

Dawson's Creek entertained us 90s babies for 6 seasons, and we got the DRAMA! There were numerous hook ups, but none so infamous as 'Dawson' vs 'Pacey'. Okay, quick rundown if you didn't get into Dawson's Creek before: Bunch of teens live in a small town at a creek. Done. Okay, there's a little more… Continue reading Dawson Vs Pacey | Classic Debates


The Murder App | Chapter 7

A serial killer, technology, and a detective determined to find the truth. Come along on a murder mystery adventure, with The Murder App – Chapter 7! Ted was waiting at the front door for her as Ella pulled into their driveway. She was almost 45 minutes late for their date night, and hadn't called yet. They'd… Continue reading The Murder App | Chapter 7


Best and Worst Rated Books of 2020/21

I went over all the books I've read in the past year (July2020-August2021) and found the BEST and WORST rated ones!  Check out the video below: https://youtu.be/eNIGj-SxGXc >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know if you've read the books I mentioned, and if… Continue reading Best and Worst Rated Books of 2020/21

post office

The Post Office (FICTION)

What would you do if terrorists walked into YOUR post office? Would you try to be a hero, or just survive?  I tapped my foot and clicked my tongue as I stood, otherwise silently. The line still hadn't moved, and I was beginning to regret the decision to mail this letter to my parents. They… Continue reading The Post Office (FICTION)