The Murder App | Chapter 7

A serial killer, technology, and a detective determined to find the truth. Come along on a murder mystery adventure, with The Murder App – Chapter 7! 

Ted was waiting at the front door for her as Ella pulled into their driveway. She was almost 45 minutes late for their date night, and hadn’t called yet. They’d agreed that if she was more than 15 minutes late without calling or sending a text, that he’d wait until it hit 60 minutes, then call the station.

She’d made it in time for him not to make the call yet, but she’d cut it closer than she had in a while. When Ella was on a big case, sometimes she lost track of time, but after a particularly complex one, Ted had stayed up half the night sure that she had been shot and not told. They’d decided then to put the rule into place.

She smiled and shrugged as she got out of the car. “Sorry I’m late. I was going to send a message, but it was easier to just book it back home and be a bit late.”
Ted, in his usual fashion, shoved his hands in his pocket and grinned at her as she used the remote locking key to secure the car. “It’s okay El, you’re not that late. Are you ready for tonight?” When she reached the door, they kissed hello and he pulled the door closed behind him.

“Yes. It’ll be nice to take my mind off my case load tonight. What are we doing?” She looked around them. His car wasn’t parked where it normally would be beside hers, and she tried to deduce what his plan was. He took her hand and led her down the pathway. “We’re taking a walk to start.”

She smiled and allowed him to lead her down their picturesque street, walking in comfortable silence. Often her mind drifted back to the cases on her desk, but Ella had gotten better at pushing those things aside and focussing on her husband when she needed to.

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This house had been their dream home. They’d found it three years ago, and it was surrounded by the most beautiful street. The houses around here weren’t as new, which meant they had more character. Not so much though that they were falling apart. So it was a nice combination.

They also had the benefit of large leafy trees that lined the streets, almost completely blocking out the sun in the middle road. It gave them an incredible sense of country living, even in the heart of the city. They turned the corner that led to the small park nearby, and Ella stopped walking.

Ted had arranged a table, chairs, and elegant decor to be placed at the side of the park with large rose bushes rising up towards the sky. A violinist started playing when they came into view and Ted pulled her forward, holding out her chair for her.

Not able to say anything, Ella put her hand over her mouth and shook her head. Ted smiled and nodded. “I know right! I thought you needed something special right now, so here we are.” He pulled out his napkin and laid it across his lap. “Good?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows up and down to get a giggle from her.

“Yes,” she finally said, putting her own napkin over her work clothes. Not even a chance to change, she suddenly felt very underdressed and un-date like. Even if it was her husband on the date. “You did good Ted.” As a waiter appeared from somewhere hidden beside them, Ella forgot all about the case. She forgot her concerns for another body, her obsession of Devon Smith, and everything else on her plate right now. All she focussed on, was her incredible husband, and the meal he had ordered.

As she laughed, and talked about the misadventures their dog had gotten into today with Ted, she almost didn’t hear the phone in her pocket ring. She almost missed the vibration, and ringtone that she had allocated to the station. It seemed almost to echo through her laughter, and she finally heard it. Her face fell as she looked at the caller ID and hit the answer key.
“Ella,” Steve sounded flat, and she held her breath. “We have another body.”


I hope you enjoyed this instalment of the Murder App.
Come back next month for another chapter!

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