The Murder App – The FINAL Chapter

A serial killer, technology, and a detective determined to find the truth. Come along on a murder mystery adventure, with the LAST INSTALMENT of “The Murder App” – Chapter 10!

Detective Steven Evans laughed aloud. A cruel, cold sounding laugh as Ella pushed against the restraints. Now that the blur from her head had cleared, she realised that she was tied to a metal chair, in the middle of a basement room. The Murder App killer that she and Steve had been chasing the last few weeks, the one that had killed several woman – including someone she had known in university – was standing in front of her. Her partner was a killer.

‘Steve, what are you doing? Let me go and let’s talk about taking you in.’

Steve laughed again, this time stopping suddenly and returning his face to a deadpan expression. ‘You know that’s not how this ends.’

‘Why then? Why do this Steve?’ She manoeuvred her hands and felt the restraints loosen a little. Obviously, Steve had tied them in a hurry.

‘Because, you found my blood at Jessica’s crime scene.’

Recognition must have crossed her face, because Steve nodded and leaned in closer. ‘There really was only two options for me. Run, or kill you – the only other person in that house who noticed, or mentioned the blood splatter.’

‘Someone else will find it, it’s still over Steve.’ She felt the restraints shift again, and she wriggled discretely until one of her hands was free.

‘Ah, but I’ve already taken care of it when you left. As you said, you could smell the bleach in the house, so one more touch didn’t do any difference.’

‘So now, you’re going to kill me?’ she asked, releasing her second hand and keeping them in place. She wanted to take Steve by surprise.

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Before he could reply, Ella lunged forward and the gun Steve had been holding slammed to the floor. They rolled and fought for control, but Steve was stronger. He pinned her down and she reached up towards him, landing an open handed hit to his cheek. As he recoiled and pulled back his hand for a response, Ella spotted the gun just within reach.

Without thinking, she reached for it just as the impact of his fist landed on her face. The pain sliced through her, but she ignored it as she raised the gun and fired into Steve’s side. Once, twice, three times. The man jolted and fell off of her, and she gritted her teeth as she raised up onto her knees. Blood trickled from his mouth as he tried to crawl away from her. She didn’t let up, shooting him again – this time in his chest twice.

The man who had been her partner fell to the ground – his eyes open just like Jessica’s. Rage and fear was his last expression. The one that her partner, who was supposed to be catching the killers, would have forever. She dropped the gun and looked around the sparse room. Steve had left her phone on a metal table at the other end of the room, and Ella crawled towards it. Still in pain, she dialled for backup and sat alone in the room while they traced the phone.

Steve lay across from her, dead. She’d killed her partner. She’d gotten justice for those women, but she’d had to kill a man to get it. If only he’d turned himself in when the blood had been found – or chosen to run. But he hadn’t. He’d forced her to take things into her own hands.

When backup finally arrived, she’d answered several questions, and had gotten the all clear from the paramedics. Ella let an officer driver her home. The blur of thanks, and walking to her front door melted away at the sight of Ted in the doorway. When he noticed her, the bag of rubbish in his hand dropped and he sprinted into her arms. Picking her up, Ella didn’t complain as he carried her into the house, and onto the couch. Making sure she was okay, he moved into the other room and left her alone.

She would tell him everything that had happened, of course. She would go over all the details, and release the pain in tears, but right now, she was silent. The events of the night washed over her as Samson cautiously approached, licking her hand that hung over the side. She smiled and patted his head as tears started to fall. Sounds of Ted making food in the other room started, with scents of her favourite soup filling the house.

It was over. She had found the Murder App killer, lost her partner, and experienced the trauma of abduction and killing all in one night. Now, it was time to be with her family. Her dog; her husband; her home. She would have time to process it all later. The Murder App case was closed, and she could finally put it to rest.

I hope you enjoyed the final instalment of the Murder App!

See You in The Adventures!

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