We Were On A Break! | Classic Debates

"We were on a break!!" is probably one of the most infamous running gags that F.R.I.E.N.D.S ever did - so let's decide if they were, or not... If you've seen Friends, you don't really need a rundown but here it is anyway: Six friends who live in NYC navigate their twenties together. Love interests and… Continue reading We Were On A Break! | Classic Debates


Dawson Vs Pacey | Classic Debates

Dawson's Creek entertained us 90s babies for 6 seasons, and we got the DRAMA! There were numerous hook ups, but none so infamous as 'Dawson' vs 'Pacey'. Okay, quick rundown if you didn't get into Dawson's Creek before: Bunch of teens live in a small town at a creek. Done. Okay, there's a little more… Continue reading Dawson Vs Pacey | Classic Debates


Label, Label, Pick a Label

I’ve been labelled, I've labelled others and others, I know, have labelled themselves. We live in a world full of labels. I'm smart, i'm stupid, i'm pretty, i'm ugly. I'm tired, i'm happy, i'm sad, i'm depressed. I'm poor, i'm rich, i'm alone, i'm a loser. So what label have you (or has someone else)… Continue reading Label, Label, Pick a Label