Label, Label, Pick a Label

I’ve been labelled, I’ve labelled others and others, I know, have labelled themselves.

We live in a world full of labels.
I’m smart, i’m stupid, i’m pretty, i’m ugly.
I’m tired, i’m happy, i’m sad, i’m depressed.
I’m poor, i’m rich, i’m alone, i’m a loser.

So what label have you (or has someone else) attached to your self worth? What have people labelled you? Do you find that you stay in that label?

Labels can be dangerous. We can cling to them and stay there. We can ignore any positive labels that we’re given after that (like no, you’re not stupid – you’re so smart!) and just linger in the ones that feel strangely comfortable, or easy to believe.
Words matter. What you say, or someone says to you Matters. More than we like to believe, and more than we think.
I’ve had labels spoke over me (and to myself by me) like Anxious, tired, alone, sad, heavy, fat, not good enough but i’ve come to realise that these labels are NOT where I want to live. I don’t want to spend time believe those things about myself.

Labels can be broken (that’s the good news)!
You can break out of labels which have been spoken into your life.
We need to CHOOSE to focus on the labels that matter. The ones we should stick to – from people we love, trust and from God.
Labels like, we are forever loved, stronger than we could expect, saved, redeemedhappy, hopeful, always moving forward…

The list of labels which can improve our self worth, our hearts and our lives are almost endless – you just have to know where to find them, and to believe that they’re true. Even when they don’t feel true.
I remind myself all the time of some ‘positive’ labels, especially those days when I don’t believe them.
Your perspective of yourself, your life and your worth can change things!
You can change things!

Cling to the positive, cling to the TRUTH, and cling to each other.

Much Love

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