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Jaz Lewis Interview-KIDNAPPED Entanglement | I SPY, IN JULY

I got to interview one of the surviving members of the KIDNAPPED Entanglement story - Jaz Lewis. Jaz (Jasmine) Lewis sat down with me to answer the important questions:   https://youtu.be/JlStpVC7i6k >>Check all about my first book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here If you want to know more about Jaz and her kidnapping, you can get… Continue reading Jaz Lewis Interview-KIDNAPPED Entanglement | I SPY, IN JULY

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Welcome To My House | I SPY, IN JULY

Where does all the magic happen? And by magic, I mean the staring endlessly at screens and pages of words that eventually end up a jumble... Any who, this I SPY, IN JULY video is taking you on a tour of my new house! I hope you enjoy all the random superhero memorabilia, and quirks… Continue reading Welcome To My House | I SPY, IN JULY


Working From Home: Pros and Cons

With the shift this year in more people working from home, I have been one of the lucky few to experience this. My main day job is school photography, and with all the shut downs of schools, we haven't been able to get out there for most of the year! So when restrictions in VIC… Continue reading Working From Home: Pros and Cons

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Self Publishing Checklist | CGSP Writing

"I want to publish my masterpiece, but I have no idea where to start!" Okay, calm down because I've got you covered with the Ultimate Self Publishing checklist! I recently announced a checklist that I created for anyone interested in self publishing their amazing book. I love connecting with other creatives, and giving someone else… Continue reading Self Publishing Checklist | CGSP Writing


I Work Here… No Really!

With all the concern about losing jobs (thanks a bunch covid... not), and my current situation of being on stand down until schools go back (school photography woes... *cries a little*) I was considering jobs. Not just jobs, the ones that you don't actually have. I know, insightful right? Not really. My spy weekly series… Continue reading I Work Here… No Really!