I Work Here… No Really!

With all the concern about losing jobs (thanks a bunch covid... not), and my current situation of being on stand down until schools go back (school photography woes... *cries a little*) I was considering jobs. Not just jobs, the ones that you don't actually have. I know, insightful right? Not really. My spy weekly series… Continue reading I Work Here… No Really!


Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist

I LOVE LISTS So, when it came to publishing my book, I liked the idea of having a checklist that I could mark off and KNOW, that I hadn't forgotten anything. I ended up with a publisher who's assisting me to self publish, so they've got that list covered, HOWEVER.... Those people who are going… Continue reading Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist


No Prospects, No Money and No Idea

I left with no prospects, no money and no idea of what to do next. Okay, so that may sound a little 'Jane Austin-ish' but I can assure you, that's how it was when I left my full time job. I decided to leave without any guarantee of work anywhere else, and no clue of… Continue reading No Prospects, No Money and No Idea


Wishing With the Gene of The Lamp

"If I had a wish, I'd wish for more wishes!" It seems to be a common answer when you ask somebody what they would wish for. Even three, I think, is too many. When you really think about it, what are the common answers? -Money -World Peace -Fancy things -Dreams fulfilled My recent thoughts about… Continue reading Wishing With the Gene of The Lamp