I Work Here… No Really!

With all the concern about losing jobs (thanks a bunch covid… not), and my current situation of being on stand down until schools go back (school photography woes… *cries a little*) I was considering jobs.

Not just jobs, the ones that you don’t actually have. I know, insightful right? Not really.
My spy weekly series – The Hannah Carmichael – recently wrapped up ‘SEASON ONE’ and I was looking back at some of the instalments (editing them, really). I found one that caught my attention.


In this instalment, Hannah Carmichael is casually making it look like she works somewhere, that she really doesn’t (such a novel idea for a spy :P).

It made me think. Is there a job that you’ve always wanted? Something you’d just start doing for FREE if you had the time/chance? Here in Aus, we do a thing called ‘work for the doll’ where if you’re still on government $$ for long enough, you have to do volunteer work. Proving that you’re not just bludging on the tax dollar and not bothering to look for work.

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Granted, the WFD jobs aren’t usually glamorous or exciting, but if you had the chance to work in your DREAM JOB (even for free), would you?
What IS your dream job? I’d love to know!

See You in The Adventures (Or the Workplace…)

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