Wishing With the Gene of The Lamp

“If I had a wish, I’d wish for more wishes!”

It seems to be a common answer when you ask somebody what they would wish for. Even three, I think, is too many. When you really think about it, what are the common answers?
-World Peace
-Fancy things
-Dreams fulfilled

My recent thoughts about wishes were sparked when I see the ‘Aladdin’ lamp sitting next to my desk! Yes – I am the kind of person who bought a lamp JUST like in Disney’s Aladdin (and before you get on one side or the other of the original cartoon vs the new live action – you couldn’t BUY an Aladdin lamp before the live action – so there… although I personally like the cartoon better anyways)

I LOVE having the gene’s lamp in my office – it feels special, magical and full of possibilities.. what would I wish for if I saw Robin Williams or Will Smith pop out of that thing and offer me three wishes!!?

With all the debate on Williams V Smith, I personally think the BEST gene was Barbra Eden on I Dream of Jeanie.
The wacky adventures she and Major Nelson got up to… I’m giggling just thinking about it 😛

I would LOVE to hear what Your three wishes would be!
Would it be Money, Love or phenomenal cosmic powers (with itty bitty living space) or would it be something a little more unconventional?

My three wishes (I’d like to hope) would be:

-End to Poverty/Greed;
-End for all struggling with Sickness (Mental Health & Physical Illnesses); and
-Enough money to do WHAT I love, with WHO I love.

Let me know YOURS in the comments below, and share this with anyone you think deserves three wishes!
Always remember – you can make wishes, pray prayers or do things you LOVE, regardless of Gene’s in Lamps…

Like, Share, Subscribe – and as always
See You in the Adventures!


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