No Prospects, No Money and No Idea

I left with no prospects, no money and no idea of what to do next.

Okay, so that may sound a little ‘Jane Austin-ish’ but I can assure you, that’s how it was when I left my full time job.

I decided to leave without any guarantee of work anywhere else, and no clue of what exactly I wanted to do. I applied for a few different creative fields, because THAT was the one thing I knew for certain; I wanted a creative job that I would enjoy!

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People say – just get a job that pays the bills, so you can do what you love on the side  – all the time. They are WRONG. Just. Plain. Wrong.
If you can find something for a job that pays AND you enjoy – that’s what makes you happy in life.

My grandfather spent his whole life in a horrid job, doing something he loathed – just the pay the bills. Grateful, is the only word I could come up with. Grateful that he did that to provide for his family, and that it lead to my Dad being who he is.

Fortunately in these times, we have more flexibility. Not only in WHAT job we do, but HOW we do it (and this could become even more flexible post Covid).
So, Why when I advise everyone NEVER to leave a job with no prospect of another on the horizon, did I make this decision?

The answer is simple, but it may sound strange – depending on your world view.
I just KNEW it was the right time. Things had been spoken to me and over my life (through trusted people in my sphere), and it was time! My job wasn’t challenging or interesting anymore, it was sucking my creativity and I was coming home tired because I wasn’t fulfilled – instead I was using my energy just to be present and do my work.

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I knew that I was looking to publish my first book, so leaving was SCARY as heck! I pushed the book a few months until I could secure some income, and I searched!
What I found was an incredible blessing. Using some of my business skills, while also my creative eye – I ended up in School Photography.

Even though right now, schools are closed and my Day Job awaits for a more stable school community, the job was the greatest blessing I could have hoped for. Now, I have flexible hours to continue writing, enough income to pay bills, and I am happier than I’ve been in years.

Your answer; your dream; your YES; your silver lining; They are all out there. Don’t settle. Chase what makes you happy!


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