Reading From Kidnapped Entanglement (SPARKLIT)

Last night I was humbled as a reading of my upcoming book (in an earlier draft) was broadcast on the Sparklit Awards ceremony.

Along with other writers, I had my words (and face) known. It was amazing to be part of something so impacting.
I wanted to share the clip with you – even just to give you a glimpse into what you may expect when the book is released!



Entering this comp was a huge risk. No guarantees of winning, loosing, placing, being recognised or mentioned – nothing. BUT, it was a step towards my dream that I wanted to take!

Okay, I failed (if winning was the goal) – but now I get to say I did EVERYTHING I could to make my writing a success. I get to move on to the next part of this journey, and continue to put myself out there for the sake of my dream.

Sometimes we miss out on opportunities because it isn’t easy, we don’t want to be rejected, and we don’t want people to say that we can’t ‘hack it’…. This is ridiculous. If you don’t try, you WON’T succeed!

I encourage you – as I share my success and failures with you, be inspired to put your creations, your heart, and your dreams out on the line! Sign up for that course to change careers, send in that submission of a song or book or painting, talk to that person you’ve been crushing on for months. STEP OUT and reach for your goals/dreams!



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